Make sure and join us at this exciting & fun event!!!

Pig races have become one of the best attended events at fairs across the United States since the 1980’s so we started with our first “Hillbilly Pig Races” at the 2017 County Fair.  It was a hit with everyone who attended and “Swifty” the pig won the hearts of many!  In 2018 we had Pepperoni and Mozzarella join the pigs and entertain the crowd!

We have several pigs in each race scheduled. The pigs will be 6-8 weeks and older.  A bugler will call the pigs to the track.  Myra Leonard is the hilarious MC for the races!

The pigs will start at the starting gate at the sound of the bell.  It will be one lap around the track and the checkered flag will signal the winner.  We need the crowd to be the cheerleaders for the races! 

 Each scheduled race will last approximately 15 minutes.

We hope you enjoy our pig races!!!