2024 Schedule TBA

On behalf of the Carroll County Fair Committee, our partners and sponsors, we want to thank you all for being able to host 2nd & 3rd graders and Homeschoolers at the Ag Education Days!

The kids enjoyed  the educational full day field trip and learnt about agriculture and how it affects them and future generations.

We had front stations and back stations.  They spend your morning in one or the other locations and switched after lunch.  Each station had 15 minutes with 3 minutes to move to your next station.  The sound of an air-horn marked when it was time to move to the next station.

Each teacher will received a kit with agricultural education resources and gifts for your students.  We hope you can and will use these resources to continue agricultural education in your classrooms after today.  Stations follow along with the student’s SOL’s.

Teachers were given an evaluation at the last station to complete.

Contact Carroll County Extension Office – (276) 730-3110
Southwest Virginia Farmers’ Market – (276) 730-3128 (leave a message)

Goal of Ag Education Days:

Introduce Students to Local Agriculture

Objectives of Ag Education Days at the Fair:

  • Provide students hands-on agricultural experience
  • Demonstrate to students the role agriculture plays in everyday life
  • Teach students need for conservation of resources needed for agriculture
  • Provide students and teachers with follow-up resource materials related to agriculture
  • Introduce students to lesser-known areas of agriculture
  • Allow students to taste locally grown watermelon at snack station