Stockman’s Contest

Junior & Senior Stockman’s Contest

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

10:00 am

Located under the Livestock Tent at the Fairgrounds

John Carpenter and Makenzie N. Carter – Organizers of the event


“Contest will be limited by available classes”

  • A Quiz with approximately 20 questions for both Junior & Senior
  • Equipment Id
  • Breed Id
  • Meat Id
  • Feed Id
  • Meat Judging – Donated by Horton’s Supermarket (Bryan Horton the Official)
  • Hay Judging
  • Market Lambs – Mark & Jimmy Osborne (one will be the official for this class)
  • Market Steers
  • Commercial Heifers


Ribbons will be given to the top 10 Junior & Senior individuals and teams

Pins will be given for the top 3 FFA winners

Plaques will be given for the first place teams of Junior & Senior