Rabbit Show


Check in: 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Judging time: 6:00 PM

2 shows:  ARBA type show

  •  Youth and open divisions
  • Follows ARBA rules, including weights and disqualifications.
  • Not a sanctioned ARBA show but will follow ARBA rules.
  • Purebred rabbits of a recognized ARBA breed only.
  • Judged according to breed standards as described in “ARBA perfections of Standards”.
  • Rabbits will be judged according to breed classes first; Bucks (over 6 months of age), Does (over 6 months of age), Junior Buck (under 6 months of  age), Junior Doe (under 6 months of age).
  •  If there are enough rabbits in a particular breed, breed will be broken up according to variety. Best of variety and best opposite sex of variety will    move on to Best of Breed consideration.

 Pet Rabbit Show

  • Includes rabbits what would be disqualified in an ARBA show, mixed breed rabbits, and rabbits of uncertain background.
  • Judged on the grooming and neatness of appearance and temperament – how it would make an excellent pet.
  • Not broken up into classes, except youth and open divisions.

General Rules:

  • Rabbits must be disease/illness free. Rabbits exhibiting signs of disease/illness will be asked to leave the fairgrounds.

Awards for show include but are not limited to:  Best in Show, Best of Breed, and Ribbon Placing for each Class.  Premiums:  Best in show-$10, Best in Breed-$5

 For more information contact Myra Leonard at 276.733.6912