Recipe Contests 2018

The Fair will hold TWO Separate Recipe Contests this year!

Friday, August 24th, 2018

Check in Time……………………….6:00 – 6:45 pm  

Presentation Preparation…………6:45 – 7:00 pm  

Judging …………………………………7:00 pm

Winners will be announced after all the judging is complete!!!

The First Contest will be the

Adult “Pound Cake” & Youth “Cupcake Wars” sponsored by the County Fair 

The Second Contest will be the 


sponsored by the VIRGINIA EGG COUNCIL


1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Prizes and BEST PRESENTATION will be given in Adult & Youth Fair Sponsored Contests

County Fair Sponsored RECIPE CONTESTS

Best Presentation 

Best Presentation is awarded to the entry that is deemed presented “Best” to the Judges. This could be your entry as a whole or if you prefer you can enter a single serving to be judged for Best Presentation. You will be given 15 minutes (6:45 until 7:00) to prepare your serving if you wish your entry to be judged as a single serving. The contestant is to furnish  plates/saucers/cups/stands whatever they wish to use for display to enhance the presentation of their entry.

The Fair Committee Workers and Volunteers working the Recipe Contest will handle all items with care but are NOT RESPONSIBLE if anything gets broken. 

You agree to this when you sign the Youth or Adult Participant Release Form       

Adult (Fair Sponsored) Contest


This year’s Adult contest is the perfect pound cake”.  Mix, bake, and bring your own special pound cake, made from scratch to the County Fair!  You may use any flavoring, fruits, nuts, or other ingredients to enter – be creative and show us your perfect pound cake!!!!  Your recipe has to be attached to your cake with all ingredients listed and directions.

ADULT Participation Release Form (required)

Youth (Fair Sponsored) Contest


This year’s YOUTH contest is the Cupcake Wars”.  Mix, bake, and bring your own special cupcakes  to the County Fair!  You may use any flavor or other ingredients to enter – be creative and show us your awesome cupcakes!!!!  To enter you have to have 4 -6 cupcakes on a plate or tray.  Your recipe has to be attached to your cupcakes with all ingredients listed and directions.

YOUTH Participation Release Form (required)

Virginia Egg Council Recipe Contest        


This contest promises to be the most delicious of all the Virginia Egg Council sponsored recipe contests, because let’s face it – what’s better than a recipe, held together and leavened with nutritious, delicious eggs, and filled, topped, or sauced with colorful and flavorful berries, naturally sweet in season?  Meringues, pound cakes, custard pies, tarts, breakfast casseroles or waffles – these items all contain eggs and can be enhanced with some type of berries, making them eggs-traordinary.  The possibilities are endless so we’re expecting clever cooks to come up with some really special creations to prove why this contest is going to be Berry Delicious!

o        Entrant must prepare any type of recipe that contains berries and eggs.

o        Recipe must contain a minimum of 4 large eggs.

o        Entry should be presented on a container for judging that can be left for display.

o        Recipe must list ingredients in order of use; preparation instructions; pan size (and type); number of servings; cooking time; and temperatures.  Recipes must be on one side of page and must be submitted with prepared entry.  Back side of page must include contestant’s name, address, phone and email address and the name of the item.  Typewritten will look the most professional but is not essential.

A signed Participation Release Form is REQUIRED

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive gift bags from the VA Egg Council by mail and a chance to compete for top state honors at the State Fair of Virginia on September 29th, 2018!!!

For more information contact EMILY Padgett at