Saturday, August 18th, 2018*

The Horse show has been moved to the SATURDAY before the Fair!



Mail Completed Pre-Registration Form to:

Tia Akers
1869 Airport Road
Hillsville, VA 24343

     Registration and ALL fees and paperwork must be in before starting time

Rules & Regulations

  1. Horses may begin arriving on Farmers Market Fair Show Grounds 8:00 am on Saturday and begin registering for the Cowboy Challenge which will begin between 9:30 & 10:00.
  2. Class registration for the horse show will begin at 10am & end at 11:45, with the Show Starting at 12 noon or promptly after the Cowboy Challenge ends. All fees & information must be turned in/paid by show time for each event (No Refunds)
  3. Exhibitors must abide by the general livestock rules, and be aware of pedestrian traffic.
  4. All Mules, Donkeys & Horses 6 months of age or older, must show evidence of negative official infectious anemia test (Coggins) within 12 months prior to entry. No animals will be unloaded on Fair Grounds without above listed information NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you want to volunteer your time contact Tia Akers at 276-733-2926 or 276-728-0919 or private message Tia at the Carroll Co horse Show Facebook Page   There is more than enough to be done. 

We are also again offering Class Sponsorship again. Anyone interested can contact Tia.  Anyone who sponsors a class will receive 50% off your entry fees. 

The Fair and the Horse Show event would not be able to operate without our wonderful volunteers & the sponsorship of others.  Anyone interested in either for any event throughout the fair please contact us!

We have a photographer lined up for the 2018 show ~  Dakota Galla!!!  Visit her photography site at 


Entry Fees for Pre-Registration:  $5 per Class or 10 for $25
Day of:  $7 per Class or 10 for $50

Cowboy Challenge

Peewee (14 & Under)
Youth (15-18)
Adult (19 & Up)

*Each contestant will have 5 minutes to complete the obstacles, and will be judged on horsemanship.

   Contact Tia at 276-733-2926 or 276-728-0919