Carroll Co Agricultural Fair Horse Show & Cowboy Challenge

Sunday, August 25th, 2019 

9:00 am 

The Horse Show & Cowboy Challenge is a fun open show held during the fair.  Hopefully this gives upcoming horsemen/women a good experience showing.  This is a very laid back show and for most it is their first show.  We strive to make it a good time with neet prizes and classes for all ages.

Tia Akers – Horse Show Coordinator – 276-733-2926 – – @Carrollhorseshow –

2018 Horse Show Results

Cowboy Challenge- Pee Wee
First: Tristan Cox on Rock N Roll Seeker

Cowboy Challenge- Youth
First: Peyton McBride on Ditto
Second: Erin Tate on Spirit

Cowboy Challenge- in Hand
First: Kaylin Bryant leading Zeus

Cowboy Challenge- Adult
First: Clark Williams on Chuck
Second: Aster Lowe on Parrot tied with Cy Lane on Brisco
Third: Skyler Lawson
Fourth: Jered Kinser on Gus
Fifth: Anita Cox on Arrayed In Class

Lead Line
First: Deacon Thomas on Twilight Fame
First: Mckinley Thomas on Bella
First: Colt Love on Pete
First: Molly Roten on Apollo
First: Emma Nester on Rebel
First: Elizabeth Nester on Lightning
First: Rylee Akers
First: Briggston Houk on Camden

Stock Halter
First: Caitlin Pritchard on Rain
Second: Ellen Dalton on Cinnamon
Third: Anita Cox on Rock N Roll Seeker
Fourth: Kaylin Bryant on Dan Patches
Fifth: Tyra Sharpe on VT Black Bear Whiskey

Open Halter
First: Tyra Sharpe on Roper
Second: Caitlyn Pritchard on Rain
Third: Erin Tate on Spirit
Fourth: Ellen Dalton on Cinnamon
Fifth: Cy Lane on Brisco

Western Walk/Trot 12 and under
First: Caitlyn Prichard on
Second: Trenton Akers on
Third: Blake Love on Dolly
Fourth: Emmy Leathy on Freckles
Fifth: Stetson Leonard on Lash

Western Walk/ Trot 13 and up
First: Hunter Kinser on Taco
Second: Abbie Caldwell on Betsy
Third: Kaylin Bryant on Dan Patches
Fourth: Robin Akers
Fifth: Ellen Dalton

Western Pleasure 12 & Under
First: Stetson Leonard on Lash
Second: Trenton Akers on

Western Pleasure 13 & Up
First: Abbie Caldwell on Betsy
Second: Hunter Kinser on Taco
Third: Robin Akers
Fourth: Sydney Kinser on Opie
Fifth: Kerri Rutherford on Docs Royal Secret

Gaited Go As You Please
First: Cy Lane on Brisco
Second: Danny Hundly on Gringo
Third: Elizabeth Nester on Lighting

Hunter Under Saddle Walk/Trot
First: Kerri Rutherford on Danica
Second: Kaylin Bryant on Dan Patches
Third: Denise Burrel on Diesel

English Pleasure Walk/Trot/Canter
First: Kerri Rutherford on Danica
Second: Kaylin Bryant on Dan Patches
Third: Danny Hoodly on Gringo
Fourth: Denise Burrel on Diesel

Ranch Pleasure
First: Skylar Lawson riding Concho
Second: Erin Tate riding Spirit
Third: Skyler Lawson riding Freckles
Fourth: Abby Caldwell riding Betsy
Fifth: Jered Kinser riding Gus

Suitability For Dressage
First: Abby Caudwell riding Betsy
Second: Denice Burrell riding Diesel

Ride A Buck
First: Abbie Caldwell riding Betsy
Second: Kaylin Bryant riding Betsy
Third: Ellen Dalton riding Cinnamon
Fourth: Elijah Nester riding Cherokee
Fifth: Kerri Rutherford riding Apollo

Costume Class
First: Elizabeth Nester riding Lighting
First: Colt Love riding Pete

First: Elijah Nester riding Cherokee
Second: Abby Caldwell riding Letty
Third: Ellen Dalton riding Cinnamon
Fourth: Robin Akers riding
Fifth: Stetson Leonard riding Lash

Potato Race
First: Elijah Nester riding Cherokee
Second: Abby Caldwell Riding Letty
Third: Kaylin Bryant riding Apollo
Fourth: Sierra Barker riding Jackie
Fifth: Alisha Edwards riding JJ

Rescue Race
First: Elijah Nester Riding Cherokee
Second: Danny Hundley riding Gringo
Third: Kaylin Bryant riding Zeus
Fourth: Abby Caldwell riding
Fifth: Alexandra Lucas riding Elvis

Speed Barrel
First: Courtney Hash riding Bug
Second: Courtney Hash riding Dry
Third: Bry Pope riding Whiskey
Fourth: Sierra Barker riding Jackie
Fifth: Peyton McBride riding Ice

Pole Bending
First: Bry Pope riding
Second: Sierra Barker riding Whiskey
Third: Abby Caldwell riding Jackie
Fourth: Peyton McBride riding Ice
Fifth: Erin Tate riding Pebbles

Texas Barrels
First: Courtney Hash Riding Bug
Second: Bry Pope riding Whiskey
Third: Alisha Edwards Riding JJ
Fourth: Peyton McBride Riding Ice
Fifth: Kerri Rutherford riding Docs Royal Secret

Peewee Barrels
First: Montana Barker riding Billy Bob
Second: Kylie Billings riding Wrangler
Third: Kylie Billings riding Dixie
Fourth: Tucker Hicks riding Ruby

Youth Barrels
First: Courtney Hash riding Bug
Second: Courtney Hash riding Dry
Third: Kerri Rutherford riding Docs Royal Secret
Fourth: Peyton McBride Ice
Fifth: Becky Hedge riding Sky

Adult Barrels
First: Bry Pope riding Whiskey
Second: Lora Jackson riding Elvis
Third: Alisha Edwards riding JJ
Fourth: Johannah Gallimore riding Sky
Fifth: Abbie Caldwell riding Letty

Open Jackpot
First: Kerri Rutherford
Second: Bry Pope
Third: Lora Jackson

If you want to volunteer your time contact Tia at 276-733-2926 or 276-728-0919 or private message her at the Carroll Co Horse Show & Cowboy Challenge Facebook Page:

There is more than enough to be done at the 2019 Horse Show and County Fair. 

The Fair and the Horse Show event would not be able to operate without our wonderful volunteers & the sponsorship of others.  Anyone interested in either for any event throughout the 2019 fair please contact us!

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