Farm Team Pull

Thursday night, August 26th, 2021

7:00 pm

We are asking for teams to attend that will NOT be pulled during the regular scheduled session on Saturday night.  This is an educational experience for drivers and teams.

Current Coggings Required

Our goal: This year our goal is to educate and promote the sport of horse pulling to the younger generation, and to bring the farm horses off the farm!


  1. This is a farm team tennis ball pull; tennis ball must remain in place for the completed pull
  2. No jerking of the sled, this is a tight trace pull
  3. Teamster has 3 attempts to hook to the sled and pull
  4. 3 attempts to make a complete pull – 1st attempt distance measured -After the 1st attempt you must remain hooked for your 2nd attempt, or you may unhook and forfeit the 2nd to return for 3rd and final
  5. Teamster and one other individual will be allowed to the sled and assist in hook and unhooking the team
  6. If the sled is moved 1inch this will be counted as a pull
  7. A complete pull is a distance of 20 ft.
  8. Track width will be 20 ft.
  9. Starting weight will be determined in the drivers meeting before the pull starts
  10. Teams that cannot be controlled will be disqualified at judge’s discretion
  11. Good horsemanship will be displayed at all times, NO whipping, NO lining, NO walking in front of the doubletrees, etc.
  12. Teamster is the only individual allowed to call on, talk to, kiss at, whistle, etc. at the team to encourage sled movement

Prizes will be equally distributed to all contestants!

Contact Lisa Jarrell 276-733-7072 or Ryland Moore 276-733-0390 for information!


Download Flyer Here:  Farm-Team-Tennis-Ball-Pull-2021