Bench Show and Treeing Contest


Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Sanctioned UKC Bench Show – 3:00 pm

Open Bench Show and Treeing Contest

Field Trial – 4:30 pm

The UKC (United Kennel Club) Sanctioned Bench Show with Open Bench Show & Treeing Contest is Sponsored by the

Carroll County Coon Hunters and Sportsman Club of Woodlawn

The event is published in the “Coonhound Bloodlines” Magazine: as a Special Event Bench Show, held by the Carroll County Coon Hunter’s Club at the Carroll County Fair.

One of the goals  is to encourage the county youth in a variety of activities that they can become involved in at home with Coon Hunting being one of them chosen by the Fair Committee to support.  Coon Hunting has been a traditional sport in the mountains of Virginia from the time the first settlers started occupying the rich farmlands and setting down roots.  One does not have to go far in the county until you’ll see tree dogs in yards and dog boxes on the backs of trucks.  Young boys and girls can be found throughout the county on any given night during hunting season following a dog through the woods.

Bench Show & Treeing Contest Judge:        

Crystal Dawson

OPEN BENCH SHOW and TREEING CONTEST will be held at the conclusion of the Sanctioned UKC Bench Shows

The FIELD TRIAL will be held after the TREEING CONTEST


  • Sanctioned Bench Show Entry Fee – $10.00 per dog
  • Adult Entry Fee  for the Open Bench Show & the Treeing Contest is $2.00 per dog
  • Youth Entry Fee for Open Bench Show & the Treeing Contest is Free

NOTE: The CCCHC is retaining the Open Bench Show for those who do NOT have registered dogs.

For more information, contact Nathan Largen at 276.733.0384