AG Education Days

2nd and 3rd Grade Logo

 AUGUST 22nd – 24th, 2017

For SECOND and THIRD graders at our Local Schools!

Contact Jonette Mungo, Carroll County Extension’s 4-H director, for more information at or call (276) 730-3110

The Carroll County Fair is very excited to  once again host 2nd and 3rd graders for the Ag Education Days.  The schools will  enjoy full day field trip!

We would like to thank the Carroll County Public School System  & the Galax City School System and all teachers and school staff for supporting our Fair!

  Goal of Ag Education Days:  Introduce students to local agriculture

Objectives of Ag Education Days at the Fair:

  • Provide students hands-on agricultural experience
  • Demonstrate to students role agriculture plays in everyday life
  • Teach students need for conservation of resources needed for agriculture
  • Provide students and teachers with follow-up resource materials related to agriculture
  • Introduce students to lesser-known areas of agriculture
  • Allow students to taste locally grown watermelon at snack station