Each year the county fair is getting bigger and better, but our number of volunteers is staying around the same. The current volunteers work endless hours to make the county fair happen. With the growing number of people who are attending the fair each year, it is becoming harder and harder for the current volunteers to get the many tasks done that are required to make the county fair happen for you and your family’s enjoyment. We would like to ask you to consider becoming a part of the county fair and take pride in volunteering your time to make this the best fair in the State of Virginia.

The County Fair committee would like to personally invite each of you to join us in volunteering at the county fair this year. You would not be required to work the entire fair. A few hours here and there will go a long way. Maybe you could spare a couple hours to relieve someone parking cars so they can take a break and enjoy the fair for a few hours, or relieve someone else in another job.

So won’t you consider helping out this year at the fair? If so email us at fair@carrollcountyva.gov or message us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/carrollcountyvafair