On behalf of Kevin, Teresa, and the Carroll County Fair Committee, we want to thank our Volunteers who work so hard making the Fair possible. We want to thank our Sponsors for all their donations – Cash & In-Kind! Without Sponsors for events and the fair we could not make this happen. We want to thank the Board of Supervisors who provide a budget for the Fair. We want to thank J. B. Gardner, our sheriff and all the deputies that helped with the traffic at the Fair and Everett Lineberry & EMS for their stations, radios and being ready if needed. We want to thank the Ham Radio Guys and Gals who sat up in case we needed them! We want to thank Carroll County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee especially Carol and Margie for their hard work in the Exhibits along with the other great women who worked the exhibits and other activities and Pat Cox for all the delicious cooking and good food for our volunteers during Ag Education days. We want to thank the Extension office & Jonette Mungo with 4-H for making the Ag days awesome! We want to thank the Young Farmers of Farm Bureau and Brandy Puckett for letting us host your 5th Grade Ag Day. We want to thank Carroll County Public Schools, Galax City Public Schools and Grayson County School for allowing their kids to attend 2nd & 3rd Grade Ag Edu days!!! We want to thank all the members of the Fair committee who spent long hours planning, working, and volunteering. We want to thank Search & Rescue for the hard work at the Gates. We want to thank Skyview Baptist Church and all their volunteers again this year! We want to thank all the Carroll County Employees. who worked the gates, parked cars, or did any other necessary job. We want to thank Myra the mastermind of the parade and The 2018 Beauty Queen Winners, the owners of the Antique Tractors, Gregs Core Supply’s General Lee Car, Ronald & the Tractor Barrel Train, CCHS Band, CCHS Varsity Cheerleaders, the CCIS FFA, VA PRODUCE, the local Boy Scout Group, and the CCHS Colorguard for participating in our first Fair parade. We want to thank all of our EVENT leaders for their AWESOME events this year! Thank you to all the musicians who came out to play free at our Fair – Slightly Confuzed, The Wings of Salvation, The Cox Brothers, and Josh Burton!!! We especially thank Myra Leonard for her daily pig races and for Ken Miller the Emcee for the races along with her helpers! Thank you Tia Akers for your awesome horse show and Eddie, 

Ryland & Lisa for the great horse pulls, Emily and Becky for the Recipe Contests, Trish and Cody for the awesome coon dog event, Kristina with the fantastic Beauty Pageant, Vicky Towne for the storytelling contest and storytelling, Annabelle Primm for music, Becky and Sheila for gate accounting, and our face painters, Steve, Trish & Myra for the livestock shows, Shannon 

Dalton & the Interact club for the Pet Shows, Brad Carico with Forestry Events, FFA helpers, and last but not least Eroll Ray Jett for the hospitality wagon & help!!!!!

If we have left anyone out please let us know!!!! It takes everyone to make the Fair a success!!!!! Thank you all for another great and successful Fair in 2018!!!